Curated by Big People Music, in collaboration with HMD, Elmi Ali, Sharmaarke Ali Adan, SSCOPE and Somali Architecture.

‘SEE MY DUNYA’; an exhibition and experiment, conceived as a way of carving out a space in dialogue with the Somali community in Manchester. Populating a gallery space with photography, film, music and sculptures that bring to focus the seldom-seen faces, the unheard stories and dreams that make up the Somali-British experience.

In Somali Dunya means world and the exhibition hosted the photographs and stories of sharply-dressed pedestrians, local politicians, shop keepers, popular musicians, mothers, activists and artists.

An invitation into the Somali-Mancunian experiences, it hosted the testimonies, sounds and swag of the many individuals that make up this seldomly centred yet hyper-visible community; inviting the viewer to discover and share in the marvellously mundane.

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